How it all started...

Stacey and I are very good friends, but we have only known each other a couple of years.


We both followed the same blog on Facebook, and through commenting on a very heated post one day we started messaging.  The rest is very much history.


We both owe a lot to that blog, as without it we would most certainly have never crossed paths.  We are from opposite ends of the UK, although now only live about 60 miles apart.


When we first started getting to know each other Aaron was a newborn, and I was expecting Harris.  I remember we had arranged to meet at a shopping centre for coffee months after we initially started chatting, I felt so strangely nervous, like I was meeting someone for a first date!


We are very alike in many ways; we like the same music, share a dislike of eggs, are both (by our own admission) a nightmare to live with due to our cleanliness OCD, and we both swear.  A lot.


Stacey was very much my first point of call during the first few weeks and months with Harris, and that remains the case now.  In fact, not only were our labour and delivery stories almost identical, our boys also shared the same birth weight.


As both Aaron and Harris have just 6 months between them, they are also growing to be very good friends, even though neither of them is willing to share their toys with each other… yet.   We try and get together with our boys as much as we can, days out and sleepovers mean we spend quality time as a 4-some.


In the early days it wasn’t just newborn advice that Stace shared with me, she also passed on Aarons clothes.  We got some good use out of Aaron’s wardrobe in the early days.  Unfortunately though, Harris seemed to overtake in terms of size and it’s now Aaron who benefits from Harris’ seconds!


It was our similar taste, and love of dressing our boys well that got the My Bud and Bear ball rolling.  In fact, we quite often joked that our kids would be wearing high end clothes while we would be wearing Primark threads years old.


With so many fantastic artisan children’s clothes businesses around now, it’s more important than ever that we try to stand out from the crowd. With there being two of us behind My Bud and Bear (4 if you include our inspiration!) it means we can have dedicated roles, and we can bounce ideas off one another.  We try to use this to our advantage as much as possible, and we hope that you will begin to see the fruits of our labour coming though in our bespoke designs that you won’t find for sale with any other Insta shop.









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